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January 18, 2010

It’ll tickle your innards

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I really enjoy soda pop for many reasons, the carbonation, the flavor and the caffeine. I am not a big fan of High-fructose corn syrup I try to avoid it when I can but it’s in almost all soda pops because it’s a cheaper form of sugar and extends the shelf life of the product. That’s why I was really excited last summer when Pepsi released Pepsi Throwback, Pepsi made with REAL SUGAR. It didn’t taste too different from original Pepsi, it was a little sweeter and tasted like Diet Pepsi at first but I really liked it.

Last December Pepsi Co. brought back the throwback but this time the label was more retro. Last summer’s label was interesting and retro but it was just the product name in 70’s style font.

It was a pretty simple label, this time around the label went a step further and use very retro labels. The Mountain Dew throwback features the original Mountain Dew hillbilly character from the 60’s TV commercials. I like that Mountain Dew included the hillbilly because instead of just saying “It’s Mountain Dew made with real sugar like we used to make it.” It’s going a step further by remaking the package label the same as it was when it was made with real sugar.

Mountain Dew’s brand identity evolution has actually change quiet a bit over the years. It’s very interesting how the brand has gone from hillbilly moonshine to an extreme high energy soda pop. Thought it is very obvious that their target audience is young men in their teens, 20’s and early 30’s.

Mountain Dew’s logo has changed again, this time it’s in text message language targeting a younger target audience who text on their phones all the time and using text message language often. Targeting a younger audience will hook them in to the brand when they are young and they will develop brand loyalty. Good move, Mtn Dew!


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