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August 23, 2010

I found my new workout routine

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I found my new workout routine


August 21, 2010

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August 20, 2010

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Scott Pilgrim and Pete Campbell were feeling each other’s pain last weekend. 

August 19, 2010

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Piperlime’s new campaign wants people to dress better, what’s wrong with that?

The facebook fans are overreacting by getting offended at the Piperlime fb status “Every time you wear sweatpants in public, a single guy leaves New York” It’s attention grabbing and really funny. 

I used to roll out of bed my last semester in college and run to my morning classes in hoodies and my glasses. [I sometimes wore a scarf with it, I’m such a hipster] I hated the classes and really just wanted to snuggle in my hoody and go back to sleep. When I actually put together an outfit and took some time to make myself up for later classes I actually enjoyed the class a bit more. 

When you look good you feel good and it shows. 

“Jennifer Olsen, VP-marketing, said the campaign is meant to connect with an older Gen Y shopper, age 20 to 30. Ms. Olsen said customer wants to be respected, but at the same time, she has lived through and probably taken part in overly casual trends. Yoga pants and flip-flops are likely a staple of her wardrobe. “There’s a lot of power and potential, in terms of tapping into [the fact] that she wants to be respected and taken seriously and reject lazy dressing trends,” Ms. Olsen said. “Those are the insights that drove this campaign. We’re trying to galvanize her to step up her personal style.”” – Ad Age 

When you look good you feel good and it shows. Piperlime is a Gap Inc brand and their target market is a stylish bunch. This new campaign is just encouraging people to step their style and put a little more effort into getting dressed before going out. It’s also about respect, taking care of yourself to look and feel good and respecting everyone else’s eyes, we don’t need to see sloppy! There’s a time and a place for sloppy dressing, at home on the couch!

August 13, 2010

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You can’t go to a midnight screening looking like yourself

August 5, 2010

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“I’ve got to order something really cool.” 

I’m working on the marketing for something similar but it’s an interactive website for online tv shows.

I really liked this interactive trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The different types of “trailers” released for marketing the film and really interesting and more intriguing than a traditional trailer or tv spot. 

Remixes – Each remix has a theme and shows a lot of the movie, like a movie trailer, but doesn’t give away the whole plot.  

First they released

On July 15th at midnight I am going to walk into one of the first screenings of the last Harry Potter film. I am going to dress up and cry and appreciate it for the amazing movie I trust it will be. And when, after however many minutes, the credits roll on what will have been over a decade of storytelling and people clap and rise from their seats I will catch the arm of my friend, whoever I managed to drag out of bed, and pull that person back down into their seat and say, "No, stay until the very end."

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August 2, 2010

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Resistance to cuddle is futile! 

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