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January 29, 2011

Best Thursday Night NBC moments ever 30 Rock – Apart from the hilarious parody of the absurdity of trashy reality television it was one of the best endings ever! The Office – I love the fact they finally got the two of them in a room together Parks and Recreation – “No, I have to get ready for the Chamber of Secrets” 

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C is for Cookie, O is for Opportunity

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Girl Scout Cookies are not over priced, $3 to $4 dollars for a box of divine cookies only available once a year and all of the proceeds go back to the troop and the council. All of the money from Girl Scout Cookies goes back to the council to provide girl-led programming and a portion of the proceeds go to the troop for troop activities, trips and service projects they decide on. Proceeds stay local. 18% goes to the troop, 32% goes to the cost of the cookies & incentives, 50% goes to the council. Cookies sent me to England, cookies sent me to summer camp, cookies funded my troop activities during my 13 years of Girl Scouts, cookies funded my silver and gold award two massive community service projects. The program produces more businesswomen than most colleges and those successful businesswomen said they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.  

It’s not just a fundraiser, it’s a wonderful opportunity for hands on experience running a business. There are 5 essenctial skills girls learn during the cookie program [taken from cookie talking points]

1. Goal Setting

• Girls set cookie selling goals for themselves and for their troop.

• Girls create plans to reach their goals – also learning cooperation and team building skills.

2. Decision Making

• Girls decide the best and most beneficial ways their troop will spend their cookie funds.

• Girls will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

3. Money Management

• Girls take cookie orders.

• Girls handle customers’ money.

• Girls practice life skills about financial literacy.

4. Communication and Leadership Skills (People Skills)

• Girls learn how to talk, listen and work with all kinds of different people when selling cookies.

• Girls develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills.

• Girls learn the best ways to present and lead a group.

5. Business Ethics

• Girls are responsible and honest at every step of the cookie sale.

• What she learns about ethical business practices will reinforce the positive values she’s developing as a Girl Scout.     

btw, cookie season started last week, girls are taking pre-orders and then start booth sales in a few weeks.

Support the girl scouts!!!!!!

January 27, 2011

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My gs supervisor emailed this to me this morning “Happy Thursday! This reminded me of you…”

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Clearly Sci Fi is trying to attract the twilight audience to ‘Being Human’. The vampire is very Edward like and the show is over dramatic, just like ‘Twilight’ haha

“Are you two going to go all twilight on each other?”

FAIL Sci Fi, FAIL! Should not remake awesome bbc shows, should pick up cult classics when they are unfairly canceled! *cough* ‘firefly’ *cough* ‘pushing daisies’ *cough*

January 26, 2011

“My Dad is in this video?!?!” – Tasha, looking up wedding wedding venues 

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January 25, 2011

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The Huffington Post’s 2011 State of the Union Drinking Game

Guaranteed black-out.

Bhahaha, black-out for SURE.


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I ran out of milk, no milky pg tips tea, I ran out of green tea at work…

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I ran out of milk, no milky pg tips tea, I ran out of green tea at work…

January 23, 2011

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