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February 4, 2011

Highly amusing mayhem is represented as an annoying, horrid guy in a suit. The best part of the particular ad “Your 15 minute insurance may not pay for all of this”

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November 9, 2010

Has Mr.Peanut been rebranded with the sexy voice of Robert Downey Jr? I think so!

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November 6, 2010

I love how the account guy is in a suit with a snarky expression 

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November 5, 2010

Family isn’t a word. It’s a sentence.

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Family isn’t a word. It’s a sentence.

November 4, 2010

National Novel Writing Month [Day 4]

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After getting massive writer’s block and putting it off for a few days I finally figured out what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo. No title yet but there’s a brief synopsis 

A writer in an advertising agency going on an hero’s journeyesk adventure to get through a complicated campaign.

October 19, 2010

One little tagline

Recently I have been working on the ad and pr for an independent film developing in Grand Rapids. One of my first tasks was to come up with the tagline for the teaser poster. 

I read over one of the drafts of the script to get an idea of the film’s plot and the feeling of the film. I took what the producer/screenwriter had come up with and branched off of his ideas to make them more marketable as well as coming up with my own. 

I have been told by many ad people, you can not just come up with a few ideas and call it a day, you must exhaust a concept and wall paper a wall with your concept ideas. Also everything must follow K.I.S.S. [Keep it simple stupid] and get to the point quickly. 

While I was washing laundry I sat at my laptop with a blank word document and typed to my little heart’s content until the laundry buzzer went off. I could have come up with more but here was what I came up with before the buzzer…

Dirk’s ideas – 

He just needs a little help with the brain pin.

It’s not quite what he expected.

It’s a little more than he expected.

Everybody get out of the way.

It would change the world, if only it wasn’t for Karnig Durgarian.

All he needs now is a quarter.

It’s amazing what a little change will do.

First concept – Change, it’s an element of the plot and there’s a quarter on the poster

A little change can go a long way

Be the change

We must be the change

The amazing things a little change can do

It all started with a quarter

It starts with a quarter

It will change the world

It can change the world if not for…

Small change can start an adventure

One quarter started it all

One quarter can lead of an adventure

What a little change can do

Change your point of view

Second Concept – He’s an inventor but he’s not perfect

Don’t judge a man by his…..

Don’t judge a man by his first try

Don’t judge a man by his invention

Nobody is perfect

Greatness comes in different packages

Brilliance comes in different packages

A different kind of inventor

A different kind of hero

A different hero

Not every invention is perfect the first time

The first test run

His first test run

Third Concept – Needle/Pin thingy thing, the producer/screenwriter wanted the main character holding the needle and it’s a main part of the invention

One little poke makes all the difference

One prick makes all the difference

A man with a needle and a plan

The man with the brain plan 

I sent the list to the screenwriters, director and producers and this is what they came up with from their inital ideas and my short list,

One Little Prick Could Change The World

This incorporates the change and the needle, it’s a good vague statement about the film and peaks interest. The producers took “One prick” from one prick makes all the difference and “change the world” from it will change the world, it can change the world if not for…

To follow this amazing film project from development to release, find us on Facebook, twitter and the official website 

September 20, 2010

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Holy Cow, it’s guerrilla advertising!  

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Holy Cow, it’s guerrilla advertising!  

April 15, 2010

Working. HOP.

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Hopper teaser ads to peak interest and create awareness of the hopper’s brand and services.

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